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Medical Students’ Guide to ALiEM EM Match Advice

One of my favorite projects is ALiEM EM Match Advice, a web series designed to advise senior medical students as they navigate their search for an emergency medicine residency program—hosted online by Academic Life in Emergency Medicine.

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ALiEM EM Match Advice is a web series that features panels of residency program directors discussing various topics of interest to senior medical students who are participating in the National Residency Matching Program for emergency medicine. I co-host the series with Dr. Michelle Lin, Professor of Emergency Medicine at UCSF and Editor-in-Chief of Academic Life in Emergency Medicine.

EM Match Advice launched in August 2014 and we quickly recorded enough episodes that we needed to provide medical students with a viewing guide: “The Users’ Guide to ALiEM EM Match Advice”, published in Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. The article provides 12 episode summaries and a recommending viewing timeline.

Each episode of EM Match Advice ends with the guest residency directors answering the question, “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know About Your Residency Program!”, free ‘commercials’ for the programs featured on the show.

Students, check out the Users’ Guide to EM Match Advice published in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine and the dozens of episodes that we have recorded on ALiEM.

March 11, 2019

Co-Authors: Abra Fant, MD, MS - Northwestern University, Nahzinine Shakeri, MD, MS - Northwestern University, Benjamin H. Schnapp, MD, MEd - University of Wisconsin, Michelle Lin, MD - University of California San Francisco